Friday, November 15, 2013

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

skull candle giveaway..

well, now that I am a officially 'lady of leisure' AKA 'stay at home mum' i am beginning to realise a lot about myself:

1-  i need mental stimulation- there is only so much baby talk one can do 
(and no, Dr Phil doesn't quite cut it these days)
2-  losing weight is easy if you have the drive 
(i.e- ever want to feel good enough about yourself to have sex again in this lifetime)
3-  i am a compulsive internet shopper 
(*insert look of shame here)

so while giving into my guilty pleasure i began searching for 2 of my favourite things on etsy- skulls and candles  
after a good long look, i found exactly what i was looking for by fickle soy candles
after purchasing rather quickly- despite the list of incredible scent options being one of the best i've seen, i realised that these were not from the USA like most of my etsy purchases, but from my very own hometown of Geelong! (*insert gasp here)

after receiving my incredible creme caramel scented skull candle i realized that i actually know the lovely lady who pours her heart and soul into making these gems. small world- hell yes!

after approaching her, she very kindly offered any coco meet shonel friends the chance to win their very own skull candle. see below for details:

simply, jump on facebook and 'like' her page 

and share it with your friends and you will be in the draw to win your very own skull candle (*insert YAY here)

nothing beats supporting locals, it's even easier when their products are as amazing as these!

share the love peeps,
good luck
x C

(note: being a lady of leisure is nothing like being a stay at home mum- i wrote that for entertainment purposes only)
photos by coco

feeling cross..

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013

the finer things in life..

while doing my usual etsy search of my favourite sellers, these amazing pieces from MIRTA caught my eye. I'm generally more of a chunky rather than fine girl, but something about these pieces hits a nerve that doesn't normally get hit with me..

Sunday, June 9, 2013

dark and dreary..

if you couldn't tell by my blog makeover, i'm in a very black and white mood today. here are some black images that fed my hunger..

images from tumblr
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